Call for papers for The Age of Prometheus



A conference on the reception of Antiquity in science fiction and fantasy

University of Roehampton, 2-3 August 2018

Keynote speakers:

Juliet McKenna (Fantasy author, creator of the Einarinn series)jemck

jghJuliette Harrisson (Senior Lecturer at Newman University, writer for Den of Geek)

2018 marks the two hundredth anniversary of the first publication of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, seen by many as the first science fiction novel. Subtitled The Modern Prometheus, the novel’s engagement with Greco-Roman antiquity is explicit.

This conference commemorates that publication, and the full range of receptions of Greece and Rome in science fiction and fantasy. It is a sequel to a conference held in Liverpool in June-July 2013, and builds also on the work done by conferences on this topic in Rouen and Paris in 2012, and Puget Sound in 2015.

Proposals are invited for twenty-minute papers on any aspect relevant to the conference’s themes. The prime focus of the conference is the reception of Greece and Rome, but we are open to proposals on other ancient cultures (Egypt, the Near East, India, China, Pre-Colombian America, etc.).

Please send proposals to:

Closing date: 31 December 2017

Please address any enquiries to


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