The Foresight Centre (http://www.foresightcentre.co.uk/ ) is on the North side of Liverpool University Campus between Brownlow Hill and Pembroke Place, and can be reached via Brownlow Hill or London Road (continuing to Pembroke Place) depending on whether you turn right or left from Lime Street Station. Details of reaching the Foresight Centre by road (inc. Satnav), rail, etc. can be found on http://www.foresightcentre.co.uk/Pages/Article.aspx?id=292. There is a map on http://www.foresightcentre.co.uk/FileUploads/maps___directions_08_2008.pdf .

Convenient buses from the city centre (Liverpool One bus station, Canning Place) are the 76/78 (which go up London Road) and the very frequent 14 and 79/79C/79D (which go up Brownlow Hill). The Brownlow Hill buses leave from the side of the Adelphi Hotel at the bottom of Brownlow Hill and stop outside the Victoria Gallery & Museum.  This is a 15-20 minute walk.

Maps of the University Campus and the city centre can be found on http://www.liv.ac.uk/maps/



There is information about accommodation on the Foresight Centre web page at http://www.foresightcentre.co.uk/Pages/Article.aspx?id=277. This includes details of hostel and University Campus accommodation, although I am advised that unfortunately during the period of this conference the most central campus accommodation (Vine Court) is not available. There may be places available elsewhere.

More information is on the downloadable pdf supplied by the Foresight Centre. There are a number of reasonably priced hotels in the Campus area along Mount Pleasant, such as the Feathers Hotel http://www.feathers.uk.com/feathers-hotel/.  There are also the Adelphi Hotel (http://www.adelphi-hotel.co.uk/), and Hatter’s Hostel on Mount Pleasant, which is of a high standard and would also be a good budget option: http://hattersgroup.com/liverpool/liverpool-hostels/hatters-hostel-liverpool/.  In general the budget-price hotels such as the Ibis, Campanile, Travelodge, Premier Inn, etc. are closer to the river in the Albert Dock (which hosts the Tate Liverpool Art Gallery), and the Maritime Museum/Liverpool One shopping areas as well as the iconic Liver Building and the Museum of Liverpool. This will mean a bus-ride to the University Campus, but the Liverpool One bus station (Canning Place) is very close to the dockside hotel area.

The Booking.com website http://www.booking.com/city/gb/liverpool.en.html is a useful site to find accommodation, and visitliverpool.com/ also has a comprehensive selection of all types of accommodation.



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