Conference acceptances on the way

Hi.  Conference acceptances are starting to go out, but it may be a couple of days before they’re all done, so please be patient.  Sorry that this has taken so long.


2 thoughts on “Conference acceptances on the way

  1. Kevin McGrow

    Hey Tonykeen46,
    Speaking of which, I got accepted to present a paper in a conference, but cannot attend. Something came up (that happens to be the EXACT day of the conference….so unlucky) between the time I applied and was accepted. If I write back to the conference and tell them I cannot attend, am I revoking my acceptance? I’d love to be able to include my acceptance to this conference on my graduate applications, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to since I won’t be participating.
    Keep up the good work

    1. tonykeen46 Post author

      Well, I think you can say that you were accepted but were in the end unable to attend. As long as you’re wholly honest, it should be allowable. But really you should ask someone who knows about graduate applications.


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